World’s Most Powerful Handheld Laser – Review & Giveaway!

Wicked Lasers Arctic Spyder III 1W Blue Laser! CONGRATULATIONS to the Arctic Spyder III Giveaway winners: kiffing & xmaddict. Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for more great giveaways! Check out the Spyder III here: Laser Videos: Easy Projects: Pranks & Jokes: Hacks & Mods: Spy Gadgets & Devices: Explosions & Loud Things: Sign up for my Newsletter with FREE contests every month.

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25 Responses to World’s Most Powerful Handheld Laser – Review & Giveaway!

  1. radicalyumk says:

    Kiss your hand ten times

    say your crushes name 15 times

    post to two pther videos

    look at your hand

  2. Motorcycliste says:


  3. shika20 says:

    Cool lightsaber.

  4. seangames111 says:

    i wanna know once and for all, is wicked lasers a scam? please respond

  5. gmancool7 says:

    No, many people have ordered lasers from Wicked Lasers, including me. It’s legit.

  6. Conkonovae says:

    lol, cat not included

  7. 1amk3wl says:

    cat not included (cat: my work here is done… see ya *gets up and walks away*)

  8. breaneainn says:


  9. blairhj1 says:

    that laser is sooooo cool must have

  10. themanwiththekx says:

    I want it!!!!!

  11. GARFIELD2143 says:

    can you send one to me i need one of them to upgrade my lightkiller :D its powerfull

  12. TheMasondelta says:

    who is the winner

  13. jeremiah1499 says:

    im buying one of these soon

  14. Stop2BopMeHo says:

    #3 dont talk like a faggot

  15. DeathAngel1445 says:

    could you kill people with this?????

  16. marmom890 says:

    @deathangel1445. Yes you could if used right

  17. tomb778 says:

    i wot 1 sins i wos 15

  18. Cory72492 says:

    I just got one!

    It took about 4 weeks to ship here, and my dad needed to sign for it at the post office
    in U.S. Customs.

    checkout my video

  19. thomaspeters1994 says:

    1229 cops don’t like it XD

  20. vkohmoviemaker says:

    @thomaspeters1994 you suck

  21. GamePlayUK says:

    loooool cat not included

  22. Austin76711 says:

    that is just cool. How much are they and where can I get one. I have a freind that would go NUTZ over this. and also thare are some plastic soilders I need to take care of.

  23. Hammer17761 says:

    I ordered mine December 4, 2010 and just got it today, February 11, 2011! I immediately opened it, unpacked everything! Laser-check, battery charger-check, tripod-check, safety glasses-check, lens kit-check, battery……………NO BATTERY?! That’s right! I waited all this time to get it and they sent me everything but the BATTERY! That’s like getting pancakes and no syrup, a car and no engine, a skateboard with no wheels! I called and they told me it’d be another 2-3 weeks before I got it!

  24. pianoninja10 says:

    i wanted the cat

  25. dylanfleck says: