Wickedlasers E2 Green Laser Review

This is wickedlasers E2 fusion series laser it 100mw at max output Quality -Precision crafted from T6061 aircraft grade aluminum -532nm green beam -state-of-…

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23 Responses to Wickedlasers E2 Green Laser Review

  1. Timsatify says:

    how long did it take wicked lasers to post to you.

  2. red32131 says:

    just call them its easyer lol

  3. RK2Production says:

    @Timsatify 3 weeks.

  4. kieren104 says:

    @RK2Production how come it took so long on their website it says it takes
    3-5 working days

  5. supernerfboy2010 says:

    the lense reduces 80% of the lasers power

  6. buddahlovesu says:

    it took me 7 months so…

  7. 91Pangaa says:

    Why can’t I find any vids on the e2 25 mW?

  8. Blazing Phantom says:

    @91Pangaa I ordered a E2 green 25mW and i cant find vids either, and for
    the video i think you just screwed up your end cap by pulling out the pin
    that connects the positive electrical wires.

  9. Tyler Walker says:

    dude its 100 bucks for a 75mw green one now!

  10. cvbcbcmv says:

    @supernerfboy2010 no it doesn’t, your thinking of the arctics training lens
    which reduces the power by 80%

  11. Cruz Medina says:

    @supernerfboy2010 no it doesnt your thinking of the artics training lens
    which reduces the power by 80%

  12. kballdy says:

    did you try takingthe lens off the front?

  13. llparasitell says:

    @RK2Production Do u live in usa? I do but i dont know if it will be
    confiscated in the proccess.

  14. Benjamin Pohl says:

    I had the same problem with my laser strength, easy fix!! .what you need to
    do is screw of the little plate on the very top with the white star like
    symbol, then you will see one silver screw and two little tiny black allen
    screws, tighten those to its fullest and there you go! (use a tiny allen

  15. RK2Production says:

    @llparasitell yes I do

  16. RK2Production says:

    @Benjamin1234323 can you please explain this again because there are no
    screws on the laser and i cannot open it at all except the battery

  17. Benjamin Pohl says:

    @RK2Production do you want me to upload a video response and show you how
    to fix this problem?

  18. nick hep says:

    @Timsatify took me 3 weeks

  19. RK2Production says:

    Thank You! this did help a lot! and I was able to pot mod the laser but it
    really doesnt increase it by much. I’ll try to get a video out.

  20. Benjamin Pohl says:

    @RK2Production did it fix your problem?

  21. RK2Production says:

    @Benjamin1234323 Not really My laser still takes about 2 min to get to its
    full brightness.

  22. Benjamin Pohl says:

    @RK2Production I would email them about it,you still have a 12 month
    warranty on it!

  23. floyd andriessen says:

    its a cool laser and his realy strong but how mutch is the laser