Wicked Lasers Spyder S3 Arctic Unboxing

Wicked Lasers Spyder S3 Arctic Unboxing for Review.

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17 Responses to Wicked Lasers Spyder S3 Arctic Unboxing

  1. austin mason says:

    how much did you pay for all of this and how long did it take to get to

  2. mooshninetyfive says:

    i ordered my laser and lenses seperate, hope everything is the same as on
    this video, everyone seems to put this laser down, like, really pressing it
    into the dirt, the only qualitys people like is the looks. what is your
    opinion, how is your laser after a month of use, any queeries? a nice video

  3. 798201237 says:

    how long did it take for Wicker Lasers to send it

  4. gamerkane12 says:

    Please could you give away your green laser that would be awesome

  5. a42ozslushie says:

    If you know anything about lasers DO NOT BUY the spyder artic III. I
    measured the mw on my Laser Bee II and at full power it only gives you
    775mw! Not as advertised! The only selling point on this is their host
    because people are dumb and shop with their eyes. You can get a laser twice
    as powerful for only $200!

  6. FFNiXX says:

    @a42ozslushie can you give me a link were i can get a laser that/more
    powerful for $200?

  7. a42ozslushie says:

    @FFNiXX Its at survivallaserbcom Replace the b with a dot

  8. gilbertobrown says:

    wtf the battery is backward on the charger

  9. luk6776 says:

    whear buy it ?

  10. BState media says:

    @a42ozslushie Please give me a link.

  11. MrHello12314 says:

    a fluid that is not liquid!?!?!

  12. johnarcheus says:

    why didn’t my arctic came with a lens cleaning pen????

  13. Cruz Medina says:

    @johnarcheus You didnt order one to come with your artic?

  14. johnarcheus says:

    @RobloxTitanicMovie I was chatting with a guy called Stewart and he told me
    that there all sold out. I bought one Hama LensPen from Amazon.co.uk.

  15. EvilzElmoz says:

    @dragonsteelmods did you get the spider 3 expanded lens kit, or did all
    those lenses come with the laser please respond i really want to get one of

  16. RPM Max_ says:

    How long did the shipping take? Thanks!

  17. Ace Jhoelhee Irinco says: