Wicked Lasers Spyder III Krypton 1W Full Review

Wicked Lasers Spyder III Krypton 1W Full Review

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23 Responses to Wicked Lasers Spyder III Krypton 1W Full Review

  1. JoeGraveDancer says:

    Pretty cool video!! I never saw the galaxy lens from that angle before :)
    Joe N.

  2. RobloxTitanicMovie says:


  3. The420Productionz says:

    Did you order from wicked lasers? how long did it take to get to ur house?

  4. RobloxTitanicMovie says:

    Yes I did. It took a miniscule 12 days

  5. offroadfreak8582 says:

    did you get you unit lpm’ed? most of the kryptons did only 700mW and now they changed the listing on their site.

  6. RobloxTitanicMovie says:

    NEVER point it at a black wall it will burn but white objects reflect all the light on the visible spectrum or beyond plus the laser moved across the wall i didnt keep it in one place and yes it will sting your skin like hell!

  7. beaztsnipr says:

    fuking cut ur nails

  8. RobloxTitanicMovie says:

    ikr i cut them the day after

  9. Joem Inguito says:

    damn you rich kid!

  10. RobloxTitanicMovie says:

    Its my parents who r rich I have 5 bux :(

  11. tomanybullets says:

    If your getting a laser dont buy this crappy laser. It gets to 900mW if your lucky. And I bought one and they shiped it broken and i could not get my money back after a shiping delay.

  12. tomanybullets says:

    Buy the laser from Dragonlasers you would be much more happy.

  13. Alibrqm chilli says:

    hei, how did you buy it with 1W
    pls tell me

  14. Alibrqm chilli says:

    because there’s max 750mw

  15. RobloxTitanicMovie says:

    That is the minimum power output the maximum power output is 1W on that laser so its good

  16. hectora93 says:

    so wats better, artci or krypton?

  17. GoGoggansGo says:

    what color do u like better thats it and how much money u can spend. I plan on getting the Artic with my tax refund

  18. RobloxTitanicMovie says:

    I like all colors as much as all the colors so thats a really hard question. ;(

  19. GoGoggansGo says:

    true I really do like red but the beam is very hard to see I have an 200mw red and unless u know where the beam is u cant see it

  20. ferrari1301 says:

    well blue is more powerful for burning and green is 2,000 times brighter than blue

  21. AnndyBL says:

    :( ( lucky kid

  22. yozpillis says:

    They should buy you a grinder so you can grind off your claws! LOL

  23. FleaRHCP36 says:

    after burning thru the cd case is it not damaging the dry wall?!?