Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic Laser review

This is a review of the Wicked Lasers famous Arctic laser.

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23 Responses to Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic Laser review

  1. TTerboLasers says:

    glad to see customs finaly let you have it

  2. Eudaimonium says:

    Yeah, after all the hastle and $90 of fees for free laser, it’s good to finally have it.

  3. TTerboLasers says:

    At least you didnt have to pay $>200 like me –_–

  4. renno007 says:

    Nice review Eudaimonium.
    It’s very cool looking and powerful blue laser.

    You should try to test these goggles and see how much light they transmits .

  5. Eudaimonium says:

    Out of ~800mW emitted, they cut that back to possibly 50-100 mW by my estimation. I will measure it out and post it on the forum, keep an eye out. So to speak.

  6. WorldScott says:

    It is a pity that the “burning” lens is not adjustable. If they made a manually adjustable lens that would be a MASSIVE improvement!

    Cool review thanks for putting this up!

  7. Eudaimonium says:

    It would be very difficult making an adjustable focus lens that would come after the main collimator which is hidden inside the head. Besides, for burning a match for instance, you don’t even need to focus it, 5mm wide beam will burn it.

  8. diebkgast says:


    its just useless, can only hurt people really.,…

  9. Eudaimonium says:

    What’s the point of spending money on computers? Or games? It’s the enthusiasm for this kind of thing. Besides, I didn’t pay for the laser in the video, I got it for free as a review unit, because I do this sort of thing for long time now. As if you would turn down such an offer.

  10. JuicyBigMacs says:

    do u know where else u can buy this laser for a cheaper price?

  11. JuicyBigMacs says:

    if you had the training lens on with low power mode, will it still be powerful? such as will it still blind a person if you shine it in their eyes?

  12. Eudaimonium says:

    Yes, it will blind a person. Low power constant mode with training lens measures around 43-45 mW of power, which is 40mW too much to be considered safe.

    And about purchasing it for cheaper, I guess you can buy it second hand somewhere, but if you’re interested in 445nm laser in general, builds that people of Laserpointerforums do are of much more quality and durability, you can select your power level, host it will go into, battery combination, get it for cheaper perhaps…

  13. cecysalazarful says:

    next time get to the ****** point

  14. Eudaimonium says:

    I’m sorry, what do you mean? The whole point of “review” is to show as much things as possible so people watching it can draw their own conclusions. Why are you so rude?

  15. ozzyskyler says:

    great review, great product. I’m going to buy. Thank you.

  16. usmchugheskl says:

    Don’t get me wrong, arctic is cool but false advertisement, they say it’s 1000mw but only 700-800 if your lucky, even their customer service guy will tell you

  17. Eudaimonium says:

    I know that – everybody does. This particular one ended up being between 650mW and 700mW when properly measured. If they’d just get over all the false advertising, I’d have no trouble reccomending them, but this way…

  18. usmchugheskl says:

    Have you tested the spartan 1w, it’s only $240 and puts out about 1024mw, I don’t see any other that compares

  19. Eudaimonium says:

    Nope, I’ve got no money for Spartan, this Arctic was a review unit (for free). I don’t like that they’ve decided to use CR123 batteries for Spartan instead of 18650 cells, and host appears to be rather small for such power. But yeah, power-wise it’s a better option than Arctic.

  20. usmchugheskl says:

    Smaller is what people are leaning towards, arctic would be the same size if it didn’t have the fancy host that makes it big, more people buy the arctic cause of the look but

  21. gregonater834 says:

    The spartan may be more powerful, but this can still burn through plastic, pop balloons, light matches, irritate skin, light fuse, blind, etc. I bought this instead of the arctic because I think the host looks much better. The spartan also doesn’t have the smartswitch technology, a cool host, and 9 different operating modes.

  22. DaveSimkus says:

    That dog bark scared the living fucking damn mother jesus out of me

  23. DaveSimkus says:

    That dog bark scared the living f****** mother jesus God Damn Piss out of me!!!!