Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic G2 unboxing

Got my Arctic finally from 2-4 weeks but usually sooner because ordered in middle of Chinese holiday, also got expanded lens kit, lens pen, and shipping mistaken a extra 18650 for extra lasershades.

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19 Responses to Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic G2 unboxing

  1. iFranckintosh says:

    You are not lucky, I got SS2.0, and yours seems to be SS1, your strobe frequence looks “slow” in comparison to SmartSwitch 2.0. I have SW 2.0 with SOS, beacon, and tactical hibernation in addition to strobe and constant modes.

  2. LivingLaser47 says:

    Wicked just added those to their stockage a few weeks ago, mine was before that.

  3. BluRayWL says:

    The size of that package!

  4. BluRayWL says:

    So they accidentally threw in an additional battery?

  5. LivingLaser47 says:

    They gave me a extra lasershades instead of what I ordered which was an extra 18650. I get to keep the lasershades though and I am being sent my damaged lens, E2 parts, and extra battery that I ordered.

  6. Lazereer says:

    Nice. THe New Laser safety goggles look different. But Nice video.:)

  7. LivingLaser47 says:

    They had atleast 2 models of all their lasershades, still going to get survivallaser’s darkest lasershades eaglepair.

  8. Lazereer says:

    Get the Orange Ones. Go through my videos and you will see i reviewed a pair of them. THe ornge ones drop 2W down to 0.:D

  9. LivingLaser47 says:

    I saw that awesome video, but I thought I get me the darkest and most expensive ones as my personal shades to use for all my laser’s wavelengths except 541nm-799nm.

  10. KILLERKING729 says:

    Would it hert the fucking talk wile unboxing shit

  11. LivingLaser47 says:

    Maybe, not an expert at videos ok.

  12. TekhnoBro says:

    how long did it take to come?

  13. TheVividly says:

    just order mine! How long did it take for yours to come?

  14. LivingLaser47 says:

    My first Arctic took about a month on standard airmail. If you did Express I can take around 1-3 weeks.

    Just received my 500mW, 300mW Kryptons and 1W Arctic. Check them out in my latest vid about my Wicked Lasers Collection.

  15. iluvthebeach1000 says:

    did wicked laser start to ship there lasers faster now like less than a month becuse  saw reviews in 2010 that t took 5 month dd they fix that? plz reply

  16. LivingLaser47 says:

    Back in 2010 and before they had a huge mess with the FDA, George Lucas, and thousands of customers. Now it is all fixed and shipping has improved alot.
    The Airmail may take up to 2-4 weeks or sooner and the Express Mail may take up to 1day-3 weeks or sooner.

  17. ryduderocker says:

    I REALLY WANT ONE! im trying to save up!!! anyone wanna sell theres to me?


  18. tinkerwinkerdoda says:

    not the most powerfull any more now you can get the rifle 1.2w on lazerer.com and its only around $150/£100 when this laser is like almost 3x more only thing is it might be more safe and better looking but the rifle kicks ass to :)

  19. LivingLaser47 says:

    Well Lazerer the company duplicated many other Laser brands especially Wickedlasers. Yea I know WL prices are shit but people buy it and thats profit.
    Also they copied the name of Lazereer from youtube.