Wicked Lasers Spyder III 3 Arctic and Krypton burning lasers and Galaxy lens with camp fire

Wicked Lasers Spyder III 3 Arctic and Krypton galaxy lens with camp fire burning lasers We created an awesome three dimensional starfield using the krypton with the star lens, and the Arctic laser with the perpendicular plane lens. We shot these into a campfire and people came from all of the nearby campsites just to have a look!

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16 Responses to Wicked Lasers Spyder III 3 Arctic and Krypton burning lasers and Galaxy lens with camp fire

  1. thebitterbuffalo says:

    Fantastic! How long did it take Wicked Lasers to ship the lasers out to you?

  2. canierthay says:

    that’s awesome

  3. JoeGraveDancer says:

    Hey nice video!! LOL.. you are right it does look like a portal :D The blue “clouds” are nicknamed “liquid sky” Hope you had a nice camping trip :)

    Joe N. from Wicked Lasers

  4. zeratul600 says:

    terranova portal!!! LET ME IN

  5. firework1203 says:

    a long time…

  6. LineOfSightFilms says:

    still waiting for mine to arrive! and i payed for the expected shipping! :\

  7. thebitterbuffalo says:

    months? a whole year?

  8. LineOfSightFilms says:

    the girl at 0:24 gets a little taste of the burning power of the lasers haha

  9. dtovar3251 says:

    How many lasers were you using? 2 right?

  10. lms0lms0lms says:

    That’s really cool! Although I still think the beams might be a bit dangerous even with the Galaxy lens. The effect, however, is amazing! By the way, for the desperate readers who are still longingly waiting for their purchase to arrive, I’ve got a green Krypton one at 500 mW and it took around 40 days to arrive. Cheers!

  11. piercedfreak82 says:

    funny thing, I own a smoke machine, both of those lasers and the lenses used, it does look good

  12. solution666 says:

    Thank you for the comments! Yeah, it was two lasers. One of them I bought, and the other was gifted to me by Wicked Lasers! Thank you, Wicked Lasers.

  13. peeweecr1 says:

    Could i get some better terminology as to what lenses were used? i would like to try this for myself. Do you perhaps mean diffraction grating? Or would it be a pentagram-shaped prism? perhaps post links as to where i may purchase these lenses?

  14. complexatoms says:

    that does look amazing, thanks for sharing with us :) 

  15. solution666 says:

    I think I got the lasers in a few weeks. You just have to make sure to leave a post it on the door after a couple weeks telling the postal guy to leave the package.. otherwise you’ll end up going home right after the post office closes.. pissed off because you know they have your lasers and you don’t! lol

  16. KosukiFire says:

    Did you shine the laser directly into the fire? How was this done exactly?