Wicked Laser’s S3 Arctic + The Torch review

This is my 12 minuet review of the incredible S3 Arctic 1 watt 445nm laser. I’ve had it for a few months’ now and I believe I can point out some of the good and bad that this product has demonstrated over the course of time I’ve owned it. This video is also in response to the VERY long “burning things video www.youtube.com ” I just uploaded as I briefly mentioned some of the short comings of the S3 Arctic’s tail cap qualities. There is also a few points I throw in about the Wicked Laser’s The Torch as well. Warning I talk pretty fast and all the stats I read off are off the top of my head so I’m not sure if they are all 100% right, also I may accidently have said mAh and mW in place of each other, but you get the point. Also I state the stock IMR 18650 cell is the correct length, but I also find that it may be a hair too short in reality. Thanks for your time!

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5 Responses to Wicked Laser’s S3 Arctic + The Torch review

  1. Rockstar0me says:

    do a video with the lenses pls

  2. iambeastblackops says:

    Will u sell it to me for 250$

  3. TotalOverkillStudios says:

    Sorry, not now at least, besides I mean I couldn’t even sell you it in working condition, that’s how bad the switch is now. Even the tin foil trick almost never works, but at the same time it’s worth more then $250 to me, it’s like vintage Ferrari who breaks down all the time but his owner knows how to get it to work so he never parts with it.

  4. TotalOverkillStudios says:

    I’ll get around to it eventually, but first a whole bunch of “Will it break” video’s need to be uploaded.

  5. RobloxTitanicMovie says:

    your safety key is broken my kryptons is solid and it takes a bit of force to pull it out