Wicked Lasers Nano Series BURNING TESTS!

CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE: http://zfer.us/EVCnB *I’ve gotten hundreds of requests to make a video that shows the capabilities of the Wicked Lasers Nano Series s…

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21 Responses to Wicked Lasers Nano Series BURNING TESTS!

  1. Evan Bumphrey says:

    Dude thank you so much for posting this I’ve been looking all over YouTube for videos on getting this nano

  2. Evan Bumphrey says:

    And which would you recommend a red one or a green one?

  3. ehcropydoc says:

    No problem! Thanks :) 

  4. ehcropydoc says:

    If I didn’t have any lasers to start, then I would get the green because the beam is brighter. However, If you already have a green laser, then get the red!

  5. ande446 says:

    Hey ehcropydoc, love your videos. i did see the picture of your suitchase, can you make a full video about it? it looks werry awesome


  6. Evan Bumphrey says:

    Thanks dude will did

  7. Evan Bumphrey says:


  8. ghbhockey96 says:

    @ehcropydoc Out of the 3 which can you see the beam the most?

  9. etjuprou says:

    we’re close from Star Wars lightsabers , I mean with the same strength than lightsabers .

  10. ehcropydoc says:

    The 532nm green has the brightest beam out of all three. Second is the red 650nm. Third is the 405nm which has a faint purple beam.

  11. ehcropydoc says:

    Maybe I will. The Pelican 1500 is one of my favorite purchases ever. :)

  12. Blake Haggerty says:

    so do you need a focusing lens to do all those things?

  13. ehcropydoc says:

    In order to do all of those things in a quick manner then yes, you will need some sort of lens to collimate (focus) the beam in. I did successfully pop a balloon with the red nano without the lens but it takes patience.

  14. ILOVEGALLIUM91023 says:

    I still love my krypton

  15. Pownderosa says:

    Hi cody, i was looking for a lens. But sadly i cant find one , i wanted a cheap one thats is focusing like the arctic lens kit . If you can ill make it worth your while by buying two nanos with your referal link , thanks Cody!

  16. MegaGadgetGeek says:

    My Nano Does Not burn and i am very dissapointed.. Where can i buy a focusing lens?

  17. Pablo Zamora says:

    Green <3

  18. ehcropydoc says:

    Do you have the Arctic “X” lens? If so, then I have a $0.10 modification that will allow you to use the S3 lenses on the Nano’s. I am rolling this out sometime next week.

  19. ehcropydoc says:

    Radio Shack, Wal Mart, etc. – You just need some sort of magnifying lens. You could even take apart a broken camera and you’ll find tons of lenses (some work, some dont)

  20. Shawick FurLYF says:

    The greens is the weakest.

  21. Pablo Zamora says:

    Yup. Unfortunately…