Wicked Lasers Nano Review

I show off Wicked Lasers brilliant new product from the Nano series! Buy one here: http://www.wickedlasers.com/nano.

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12 Responses to Wicked Lasers Nano Review

  1. Evan Bumphrey says:

    Thanks for the review man good job just wondering how long did it take for your laser to come?

  2. lasers5296 says:

    It took about a week and a half but it was definitely worth the wait!!!

  3. Chris P. Bacon says:

    Nice review!! Remember that this red nano is one of the very few models where the batteries go in positive end first. Have fun with that epic laser.
    Wicked Lasers Ninjas :)

  4. lasers5296 says:

    Haha I was very confused when I first tried it out! But I figured it out and it works extremely well!

  5. Evan Bumphrey says:

    Thanks dude good job

  6. lasers5296 says:

    Thank You it really means a lot!

  7. SlendyDOESjudo says:

    i have a red one :)

  8. SlendyDOESjudo says:

    @Chris P. Bacon: check out my videos man

  9. KASPEN21 says:

    Show it burning stuff

  10. lasers5296 says:

    Video of that coming soon!

  11. lasers5296 says:

    Ive had the purple and red! I think I prefer the red because its brighter

  12. Majordonkie says:

    It’s been 21 days for me and still no laser in my mail.