Wicked Lasers Evolution Pro Unboxing

Wicked Lasers Evolution Pro Unboxing. Notice I didn’t remember that the laser was case positive and I put the batteries incorrectly at first but the protecti…

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17 Responses to Wicked Lasers Evolution Pro Unboxing

  1. gyrotuffjonykirby says:

    LOL :P after you realize its not working or you think its not working, you
    start taking the batteries faster, and you even drop one of them :) You
    were kinda nervous werent ya? :) Nice laser, Nice Video, Peace woot :)

  2. Lambycapo says:

    are you australian?

  3. H4L0K1LL4 says:


  4. shinydrums says:

    hey how much is that cause i can’t afford a terribly expensive one right
    yet but i have a feeling that one is expensive thanks

  5. lorderik237 says:

    Hey, I need some help on this. I have been considering buying this same
    laser for a while now, but I have heard rumors that the lens gets damaged
    very easily. Has the same happened to your laser? Also, what could I do to
    prevent it from being damaged?

  6. lorderik237 says:

    @nikokapo What do you mean by ‘no more units’? I still see them on the

  7. lorderik237 says:

    @nikokapo Yes, I clicked on “Evolution Pro” on the website, and it is still
    there. Maybe you are thinking of the evolution SERIES? Because that model
    is discontinued.

  8. lorderik237 says:

    @nikokapo It’s ok, np. Thanks for the tips.

  9. Bladeboy311 says:

    Are you sure this video is about your laser? I can’t even see the damn
    thing in this video.

  10. steve tre says:

    how long did it take till u got it?

  11. JDRfilms103 says:

    can you see the beam of the green one without fog? also how many mw does it

  12. sEaNyzboy says:

    @SalvaggioD11 im gettin an E3 :D im gettin the green one my fav :D

  13. videogamer24385 says:

    I ordered my E3…. 4 months ago… where the fuck is it

  14. videogamer24385 says:

    @nikokapo 4 emails… 0 responses

  15. PhoenixFireFx says:

    my laser has FINNALY came after like 7 months and it dont even work, im
    super annoyed.

  16. Frank Rooseweed says:

    nikokapo hey men nice video really it only takes 3-4 days? could u tell me
    how long did take all the process(since order to your door) Help! Thanks
    PD: I just ordered one green E3 :)

  17. PhoenixFireFx says:

    @Spicyperson9123 no shit bro :L its a dodgey end cap D: