Wicked lasers E2 Unboxing (405nm 100mW Violet)

Today i receive my E2 laser. it’s very good laser, Can Pop Balloons, lighting matches etc For 50$ is Awesome!!!

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25 Responses to Wicked lasers E2 Unboxing (405nm 100mW Violet)

  1. FictionalNonSense says:

    OMG me too. and im not very impressed with them

  2. TheNayr24 says:

    Im debating between getting this one or the green one for stargazing. I purchased a green one of the same wattage and wavelength as the e2 wicked laser one and it was very visible…but I dont want to spend an extra $20 for the green one if this violet one can do the same.

    Is the beam on this one clearly visible at night?

  3. HONDACOMPAQ says:

    so we are americans soo vierd ??? are you going to show us how you take shit 2 americans zzzzzzzzz

  4. mikelv15 says:

    I hate UPS shipping plastic!!!!

  5. hamza4666 says:

    from where u bought it on there website wicked lasers its for $99 for the green one and $69 for the red on cam u tell me so i can buy from there for $50… thanks

  6. EYTYXHS1995 says:

    When i bought it had 49$

  7. kieren104 says:

    No company takes that long to deliver goods to costumers otherwise they would loose custom, if you read the shipping and delivery on their website it only take 3-5 working days

  8. Champy8181 says:

    the problem is that they cant handle the production, so its a LONG time to recieve a laser

  9. Champy8181 says:

    dudeare u sure it is an E2??? i think it is an e3 they dont sell so powerfull e 2

  10. EYTYXHS1995 says:

    It’s an E2.

  11. Inv8erZlM says:

    No kidding? Six months? I definitely can’t wait that long.

  12. blueberrycreamwaffle says:

    where do you live?
    cuz i want to order one for my birthday and it says it comes in 2-4 weeks but i doubt that.

  13. EYTYXHS1995 says:

    I recieve it with UPS Express, yea about 2 Weeks for shipping, and 5-10 days for delivery. Place your order, and send message to Joe .N on Facebook.
    And You will Recieve it <2 Weeks.

  14. blueberrycreamwaffle says:

    whats UPS express?

    I also heard things about wickedlasers and your video has helped me alot.
    Thnx :D

  15. TheBladesedge says:

    read below other wicked videos many people say they have had to wait that long or longer (worst I read is 9 months) just make sure you pay with paypal and if you dont have it before the 45 day deadline is up open a claim and demand a refund, if it is a production timing issue I would email them first or call and have someone confirm how long the specific laser will take to be processed and then shipped

  16. Aballofmeat4 says:

    E2s only go to 75 mW

  17. EYTYXHS1995 says:

    72mW, i test it on my LPM.

  18. 91Pangaa says:

    U saying if I tell this Joe.N he can arrange something that’ll make my laser I want to order get shipped to me faster? :D

  19. zzMountainD3wzz says:

    yea your right it only goes up to 75mw and then the e3 startes at 100mw but i think it was just a mistake because that looks like the e2

  20. iBlake says:

    Watching you with that razor is fucking nerve-racking.

  21. vinegarbakingsoda says:

    As a response to blueberrycreamwaffle & EYTYXHS1995, will you tell me about this “Joe .N” because i am looking into this laser and tripod to aid in hunting, and i need it to come in as soon as possible so i can construct a mount for a PH in africa to mount on his vehicle.

  22. bradmann85 says:

    the first thing to catch your eye is that big “NEVER” sign

  23. LaserLover1995 says:

    how come you get a box…..

  24. 9BANTOS9 says:

    Wow how to you still have all of your fingers!

  25. aaronizpro33 says:

    This is the most awkward video I have ever seen :/