Wicked Lasers Customer Support Fail

Wicked Lamers, er Lasers BS issue with shipping of the S3 Arctic.

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25 Responses to Wicked Lasers Customer Support Fail

  1. mrcsgordonb says:

    i lold

  2. dereileak says:

    that must be colin :P , XD

  3. James Curtis says:


  4. Braineater Bob says:


  5. Zappycakes says:

    It’s a pity it cost me 2x $227 for fuckin lasers to find this funny.

  6. Z Surber says:

    God I love this video!!! Tells it all!!

  7. duggthis says:

    bril, better than mine

  8. Rob Neff says:

    “F— me in the face!” ROTFLMSAO!

  9. Wrex Allen says:

    @robneff Lol :-)

  10. Rob Neff says:

    @wrexallen Oh man, I am still laughing so hard!

  11. Wrex Allen says:

    @bethshanin And I am tired of you fanboy/girls on your knees for this
    company. Yeah, get their c-cks out of your mouths. Nothing I’ve said
    anywhere is whining. I want what I pay for, in a timely manner. i also
    don’t want to be lied to. Evidently, you are ok with the lies and
    decpetion. BTW: I have a job. Have had for over 20 years and I make good
    money, so suck it and I hope you never get yours. So stop being a little

  12. Rob Neff says:

    @bethshanin It’s not the complaining that’s funny. We’ve all heard the same
    story over and over again either on here, WL forums or Facebook. What is
    funny is the guys reaction at the end. If you can’t laugh at all this by
    now, I don’t know what to tell you. I personally have 3 pending orders for
    lasers from WL and none of them have shipped or arrived, but I’m not
    bitching. I hope he didn’t actually say that to Colin but I’m sure a lot of
    people might have been thinking it.

  13. 22408aaron says:


  14. Angela Puerta says:

    @bethshanin so you think that the hundreds of people who can’t even get a
    response are whiners. You attest that they are working their asses off.
    Wow! I was worried that that I was being to impatient after three weeks of
    not being able to email or talk to anyone from the company. You seem to be
    so knowledgeable about business affairs. Are you in kinda-garden?

  15. xtm1807 says:

    so what is the point paying UPS express which are cost USD 30? delay is
    fine. but why they keep promise? and everyday taking up 200 new order. i
    believe wicked laser is no a scam.

  16. evanusa1234 says:


  17. Wrex Allen says:

    @bethshanin You are an idiot. It’s about the incessant lying and constant
    broken promises. Working their asses off or not, it doesn’t matter, when
    they feed you bullshit for 3 months on order statuses, etc. I hope you get
    their cock out your month.

  18. DieselDucy says:

    i finally got my laser.. 4 months later..

  19. DieselDucy says:

    @wrexallen Yeah I do but the beam is more like a line! AND the ONLY reason
    i got it is because I threatened them with a chargeback!

  20. Hill Mitch says:

    @bethshanin ITS A SCAM ASSHOLE

  21. lilcomposer says:

    @bethshanin I agree entirely. The staff has been very kind, although hard
    to get ahold of.

  22. Tomsemporium says:

    Got my Arctic in just over a week via UPS. That was over a year ago and
    it’s still going strong. Cheers WL!!!

  23. Wrex Allen says:

    @Tomsemporium Good for you.

  24. m4n52k10 says:

    wicked lasers suck go with dragonlasers

  25. Wrex Allen says:

    Lol. This is over two years old now. Maybe you should research the history
    when they first came out. It was a shambles.