Why wont my 200mW green laser burn anything?

I have a green 200mW laser pointer that i just got, but it wont burn ANYTHING… like nothing… are the lenses not good? …. or is the laser not legit?… because it is extremely brighter than a 50mW laser.. i have both

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3 Responses to Why wont my 200mW green laser burn anything?

  1. Matthew Bell says:

    The laser pointer is just too weak. 200mW is very weak. There is nothing wrong with the laser or the lenses, it just isn’t made to burn things so they designed it to be weaker with larger resisters and smaller batteries. I don’t know what Wattage you would need to burn anything, but I can guarantee you it will not happen with a battery powered laser. You would have to have a very strong laser that plugs into the wall.

  2. Nobody says:

    Hope you kept the receipt
    Except you won’t get a refund, because the companies that sell them no doubt rely on teenagers whims and their parents money for buying junk.

    Maybe try shopping with more information than an internet video at Xmas.

  3. J H says:

    I just bought the Arctic S3 from wickedlaser.com which has 1000 mw power , hope it will kill the insects such as fly, hornets, Japanese beeles, etc. But very disappointed to learn the fact that it didn’t even scare them off within one to two yard distance!

    I saw someone saying it can blow up balloons , and light a match. It’s just marketing and commercial crap!