What is a Green Burning Laser?

Laser beams and laser pointers have been around for quite some time now. But have you heard of  burning lasers? A burning laser is also a handheld laser which could be used to literally burn something. The energy being emitted from the burning laser is high enough to be used to scorch, melt, or set an object on fire if the laser is focused on it.

Like other lasers, burning lasers come in red, blue and green.   There are also invisible infrared burning lasers.  However green burning lasers have been found to be cheaper and more stable in their energy projection (if properly constructed).

The green burning laser pointer has 532 nanometer wavelength, which is higher than blue/violet lasers but shorter than red/infrared.  Most green burning lasers require very little power, and can be powered from two or three standard AA batteries.    Aside from having high power efficiency it also gives a continuous wavelength because the fluctuation rate is very low.  The human eye also perceives the green light as being much brighter than equivalent energies of other colors.   This does not affect the burning ability, but it does make the laser more useful for other activities such as signaling and stargazing

These burning lasers are designed for effective use in the business and technological field. In fact some organizations use it as daily equipment. It is not necessary to use it as hand held only. Burning laser pointers could be fixed into manufacturing machines as well.

Because the green burning laser is brighter, some people prefer working with this color. There are different ways that you could try to make a burning laser yourself. However, you have to be cautious as these power levels are quite dangerous.  You should also have some basic knowledge of electronics.

The first method used is modifying an existing green laser pointer with additional components. This act is also known as ‘modding’ the laser pointer to make it stronger. The second method is to build a burning laser using a mini-flashlight case and a laser diode. A laser diode is like a one-way electric current valve, which allows the current to flow in a single direction, emitting light energy as it does. A suitable laser diode can be found in DVD burners, or purchased separately (and inexpensively) from one of numerous ebay vendors.  With the right diode, power source, and proper construction you can build a burning laser capable of burning through the objects (thin film or string) or igniting materials like a matchstick or paper.

Laser pointers of any color are not something that kids should play with because they can damage eyesight if pointed towards someone’s eyes. The burning lasers are even more dangerous, as they can cause permanent blindness with sub-second exposure.  They should be kept away from children’s reach at all times.

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