The Wicked Lasers Spyder 3 Arctic 1.4 Watts

The Wicked Lasers Spyder 3 Arctic 1.4 Watts 445 nanometers. Amazing laser! Must Buy!

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2 Responses to The Wicked Lasers Spyder 3 Arctic 1.4 Watts

  1. mikeyB71188 says:

    Nice video. I just ordered this 1.4w bad boy on 4/29 and am anxiously waiting for it. May I ask how long it took to ship? I live in the US and got expedited shipping. And did you purchase that tripod with it? Because I can’t find any on there site. I got a lens kit with it mainly just for the focal lens. Cant wait to have this in my hand

  2. Walkingdeadman1991 says:

    Thanks. It took exactly 2 weeks to get to me with expedited shipping, and I live in Switzerland. The US tends to have a lot of customs control, and in a few cases that poses a problem, but usually, no. So you should probably have yours soon. Sadly, wicked lasers does not sell the tripod anymore, I don’t know why, because it sold well and many people liked it. I got mine a long time ago. Good idea, getting the lens kit. That is what I plan on getting next. You will really love the laser!