S3 Spyder III Arctic – Wicked Lasers – 100 Laser Balloon Popping Dominoes

S3 Spyder III Arctic by Wicked Lasers – Laser Balloon Popping Dominoes featuring the S3 Spyder III Arctic series blue laser: www.wickedlasers.com by www.wickedlasers.com Video recorded at cremeriedeparis.com Int’l Exposition Center.

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17 Responses to S3 Spyder III Arctic – Wicked Lasers – 100 Laser Balloon Popping Dominoes

  1. bobaethan says:


  2. RobloxTitanicMovie says:


  3. dieselducy says:

    i need to see if my arctic will do that..

  4. cLicK7411 says:

    Im want that laser!

  5. elflordbob1 says:

    i counted…it was only 99

  6. LiquidSound100 says:

    Nice… I just need a stand for mine

  7. taygutta says:

    Where did you get the tripod?

  8. thomasdc123 says:

    why the magnifying glass? to focus the beam even more? or to line out the beam to stay the same width?

  9. SoCalAirs0ft says:

    Probably to make it even hotter and concentrate it.

  10. cityskyline13 says:

    this laser burns more rubber than your mom.

  11. MrShootinputin says:

    Charles Towns would be proud of you.

  12. NEUHOUSER1 says:

    1:16 – 1:26 reminded me of the Prometheus trailer

  13. mrpotatohead663 says:

    dude really? no need for that just cause ur mom burned your dads rubber

  14. habatik says:

    only heard 99

  15. Michael Fredette says:

    So this is how they made that sound effect!

  16. accorus says:

    at 1:59 it doesn’t like concentrated.. A WIDE BEAM POPPED 100 BALLOONS!

  17. SoCalAirs0ft says:

    The magnifying glass HELPS concentrate it.