Powerful Homemade Burning Laser Built From Computer Parts

Here is a burning laser that I built nearly entirely from old computer parts. The power is around 250mW. The power supply, multiple heatsinks, and laser diode all came from a computer. I had to pay for the Aixiz module and LM317 + resistors, but that only cost a few bucks. Before throwing away computer stuff, take a look inside and salvage the useful stuff! I’m also powering my 1200mW Blue laser with an old computer power supply.

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25 Responses to Powerful Homemade Burning Laser Built From Computer Parts

  1. TheNuclearWatermelon says:

    @keyblade95live well then. maybe the lense fell out of the module? if so just buy another for like 3 bucks and press your diode into that one.

  2. LargeFG7777 says:

    $3.55 needed to make a laz0r?
    Epic just epic

  3. jjbob4 says:

    wait a sec… wouldent the lazor hitting the wall make a fire?

  4. SecondCocacola says:

    @jjbob4 No, the beam gets “colder” the farther away it gets and there might olny be a 3-5 in. focus point where the laser is at its strongest.

  5. Nickthebeartv says:

    Nice hack dude!

  6. PleasureTV says:

    @PunkerStyle20 rog8811.com/laserdriver.htm

  7. Toca91 says:

    @styropyro You’ve got a lot thumbs up on that comment, just to remind you :) I’m waiting for the tutorial too…

  8. styropyro says:

    @Toca91 I already made one ha ha

  9. Toca91 says:

    @styropyro I saw it few seconds as I posted the comment :)

  10. Elhos419 says:

    hey if i want to cook i can use that laser and fire the pan so its easyer to cook no need to waste energy

  11. joo7897 says:

    man plz make a tutorial plzzzz

  12. xRyuzakii says:

    Damn, i have a question… does the burning lasers screw out the walls or something ?

  13. SolemnShade says:

    Lawl im the 110000th vieuwer:P

  14. pnuT7z says:

    110.000 !!!

  15. kaestar5 says:

    @Elhos419 not rlly..

  16. Heart111ful says:

    O man..!! u should make a tutorial for this. v have got stuff.

  17. Heart111ful says:

    O man..!! u should make a tutorial for this. v have got stuff.

  18. shortyjk95 says:

    can you make a tut on how to make this

  19. styropyro says:

    @shortyjk95 i already have

  20. shortyjk95 says:

    @styropyro i know i found it after the fact sry bout that also is the laser beam being focused in like a normal laser is or no

  21. jojo193101 says:

    his walls are fucked



  23. oTHExNINJAo says:

    pics or it dident happen.

  24. unitedlaser says:

    Ca I buy that red laser from you? please contact me at unitedlaser@aol.com

  25. AlexHovatter says:

    where can you get these “scrap parts to make this?