Nexus 95 Wicked Laser vs. Firework

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25 Responses to Nexus 95 Wicked Laser vs. Firework

  1. roflQQless says:

    I’ll fire my laser up ur mom’s vage

  2. t3hsniper says:

    nvm its part of the executive series…-_- this is when i wish they made it so u can delete comments urself

  3. t3hsniper says:

    this would actually be a cool way to light fireworks off from a distance so idiots don’t blow their hands off but that means the laser would have to be even more powerful which isnt exactly good

  4. WickedIasers says:

    There. I removed it for you.

  5. t3hsniper says:

    lol thx

  6. louisthemaster says:

    looks more like a dragon laser.

  7. paymybillz says:

    i say its a viper 95mW or 125 laser from dragonlasers

  8. WickedIasers says:

    Well it’s not!

  9. booga4life says:

    wot editing software did u use

  10. theherpking says:

    lol, funny, but that would hurt

  11. andrewajt62 says:

    Wickedlasers is genrally a very bad company. Their lasers are underpowered meaning more expensive. Thery’re also terrible quality. Nova/Laserglow lasers have IR filters, are up to spec, and use APC’s.

  12. mercanaries3 says:

    lmfao its real idiot..and try holding that fireworks in your hand lit

  13. MrGrimmv2 says:

    Wickedlasers aren’t bad quality and they are not underpowered. though they may be expensive, they have cheaper ones, i just have the core.

  14. Dr3am0fLight says:

    so do i ;)

  15. jamesccostello says:

    Hey, I wouldn’t say its a matter of lighter versus firework, but a matter of the firework having a symbiotic relationship with the lighter, in order to better achieve a common goal.

  16. atomizer14 says:

    idk what that is, but its not a nexus, looks like one of those gay vipers… dont get me wrong, vipers are great lasers, but the nexus looks so much cooler.

  17. Superduperhog says:

    Why is everyone talking about Nova/Laserglow/Optotronics? And I mean EVERYONE. Are you some kind of spy trying to sap’ mah’ WickedLasers? I mean they arent the only ones… THERES PLENTY of company who sells lasers pointers apart from the one I named especially everyone talking about these one Nova/Laserglow/Optotronics… ITS A SPY!!!

  18. poopytime1290 says:

    u mested up ur rug…….lol!!!!

  19. bestamerica says:

    try use this powerful laser pointer to the fireant, red widow spider, wild mouse / rat

  20. FullmetalCX says:

    @Superduperhog you get plus one for TF2.

  21. FullmetalCX says:

    I like the song in this video. :D

  22. zafdragon says:

    @FullmetalCX Creedance Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon On the Rise or, as its alternate title ” Bathroom on the right” Lol

    Great song indeed, jokes aside.

  23. MultiJohnnyBravo says:


  24. smithiy69 says:

    Is your mom happy about what you did to the carpet in the basement?

  25. 3lftw1ns says:

    @WickedIasers hello wicked laser
    i have a question about the torch
    how long the battery runs out? a day? or less