Epic Wicked Lasers Nano 532nm Green Laser Pointer Review – Fantastic Handheld Laser!

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25 Responses to Epic Wicked Lasers Nano 532nm Green Laser Pointer Review – Fantastic Handheld Laser!

  1. Jalendturner says:

    Also, i freaking love your car.

  2. TheSonyman101 says:

    get the 1 watt antarctic lazer

  3. Ty Glander says:

    The empire had the best lasers.

  4. Sevalus says:

    The wicked artic is a pretty powerful laser. Those things have a battery that is the size of your red dot laser.

  5. McPlaneModz says:

    Wicked lasers suck,dragon laser has way better quality.

  6. PhatboyHD88 says:

    Thanks for the vid buddy !! P.S. good thing your car didn’t have a gas leak lol !!!

  7. Adam Perkins says:

    Jerry just been looking on the site you need a krypton laser and ‘ a torch’ to start your barbecue!haha

  8. elmin2323 says:

    Get the 1 watt one by wicked lasers

  9. Vibrios V says:

    You should def. get the Arctic, it will blow your ###ing mind, I have one with the lens kit pretty awesome…

  10. Vibrios V says:

    for a much higher price if this is true, I can’t denie it considering i dont have a Dragon Laser, but WL’s still has great lasers for the price they sell em at

  11. blackacesandeights says:

    If you have night vision the laser will pickup on a video camera. Just FYI.

  12. grvtyhrtz says:

    0:00 XD nice

  13. grvtyhrtz says:

    of nergasm

  14. BEANBOY347 says:

    can it melt things you 3d print?

  15. FlutterPwn says:

    You know someone has done this already, you just have to know it happened.

  16. barnacules1 says:

    Not this one but a higher powered one could! I should bust out my Bluray laser and do a review.

  17. UnstableCore says:

    Very cool! Epic face in the thumbnail hahaha.

  18. nick v says:

    Get an arctic Spyder 3

  19. Nathan page says:

    Please find the other one and burn shit

  20. Austin Emry says:

    when your in the wilderness pissing off squirrels

  21. Chris P. Bacon says:

    LOL… so true. Keyboard warriors are such jerks. Laser enthusiasts are here to share knowledge and you get these little rats running around under our feet. Burn them with an Arctic laser!!!

  22. Derek Tricarico says:

    Ducked taped to his airsoft gun

  23. Derek Tricarico says:

    You got that rice machine

  24. FlutterPwn says:

    I can see it now.

  25. stickyjohanpsp says:

    You Can hack it to make a much more powerful laser