DIY: How to build A High Powered Burning Laser pointer

If you really want to build a laser, please don’t use this tutorial. I have a much better tutorial here with better info If you are going to use this tutorial anyway, the circuit used in this video is a BARE MINIMUM. Although the one I made in this video still works fine to this day, you will probably want to add a small capacitor (anything over 10v 16uf is fine)in parallel with the diode to even out any voltage spikes from the battery. Parts: You can get 100ohm potentiometers off ebay for pretty cheap You can get you switch and battery holders at any radioshack You can get your laser diodes at for less than half of the price of pulling them from a DVD burner (and a heck of a lot easier) You can get AixiZ modules from Ebay Seller aixiz_lasers A few tips -DO NOT LET ANYTHING SHORT! -When you have turned the pot so the brightness turns high, don’t even think about turning it more to make it more powerful. If you do that the power will go from 100mW+ to .1mW and your diode will be screwed -buy more than one diode cause they can break by simply touching them sometimes, too much current to the diode or a ton of other things so you will be safe buying more -Buy goggles for these things! Goggles cost around and are easily worth it, your eyes are worth more than and if you get hit in the eye by this thing without goggles on, you’re screwed.

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25 Responses to DIY: How to build A High Powered Burning Laser pointer

  1. chugz1985 says:

    i have a laser that me and my friends made we used a blu-ray laser and put it in a flashlite case and use three double A batterys and that shit burns and cuts through aluminum its tight

  2. indicafinneran says:

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  4. trailbikerharo says:

    thats awsome man id love to see that. how much did it cost to make? i got to try and make one.

  5. bossguard6 says:

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  19. luputtaja says:

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  20. darkchoas321 says:

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  21. Slahbarat says:

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  25. styropyro says:

    I’m disabling comments because of all of the idiots on Youtube. Shut up about the music, get a life.

    If you are interested in building lasers, check out my other videos.