DIY: How to Build a Burning Red Laser

How to make a very powerful burning red laser for under . This video covers in detail on building a high powered laser module, but then it is up to your creativity to pick a housing for this module, as in a flashlight or something. Parts: LPC-815 diode in Aixiz module: rkcstr driver: Safety: If you plan on burning things or using this laser indoors, goggles are absolutely necessary. One hit in the eye will blind you, and even staring at the blindingly bright dot will hurt your eyes permanently. Please be safe and buy some! Link: Notes: This build will power your laser at about 440mA, this will push it a little but should still give you a good lifetime. You will need more heatsinking if you plan on running this laser for more than 30 seconds at a time, heat kills laser diodes! When soldering to the laser diode, make very quick touches with the iron, if you don’t make the joint the first time, let it cool for a while before attempting again. Laser diodes are sensitive to heat and static, and can break for many reasons. Don’t touch the bare pins of the laser diode before it is attached to a driver.

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25 Responses to DIY: How to Build a Burning Red Laser

  1. shawn67849 says:

    i think the laser diode link is sold out do you know any other places to buy them

  2. slamcannon1337 says:

    @styropyro this might sound incredibly nerdy but would you be able to make a light-saber

  3. haze656 says:

    @legend4ever0 9bolts dont have man Ma’s

  4. pietrofoina says:

    what is an AIXIS module??

  5. pyronathanpyro says:

    808nm 300mw would this be suitable to use for a burning laser diode

  6. jhawins says:

    @pyron 808nm would be infared (you can’t see it) so yes it would burn but it wouldn’t be visible. Just to tell you, around 532nm is green 405 and similar would be blue and around 650 is visible red. Anything above 700 or below 400 will most likely be invisible.

  7. ZnaxQue says:

    Some videos says that the ping connected to the casing should not be used, and some other video says the opposite? I’m a bit confused…

  8. seththeslayer1 says:

    how long will it last before dying

  9. unicyclst says:

    @legend4ever0 4 AA batteries have less voltage, but more amperage which is why they can power the laser and a weak 9V battery cannot. This is this main reason that there are different size batteries (AAA, AA, C, D); Even though they all produce just 1.5 volts, the amperage is higher in a D battery than a AAA battery.

  10. taytay654055 says:

    cann u make 1 for me plz i dont want the trouble making it plz plz plz

  11. azntiger247 says:

    what power source do you use?

  12. the7ronin says:

    ok smart guy, if this is so cool then what kind of power does it run on and is there a on or off switch?

  13. FPSBass says:

    what is the power supply you use in this video??

  14. liddleE1 says:

    I bought a different diode, and do I have to clip off the “not used” pin??
    I bought the SAMSUNG SLD63518262 Laser Diode
    Can you tell me what one to clip off if I have too

  15. haze656 says:

    @legend4ever0 not enough ma to power the laser right

  16. greatbuy99c says:

    @haze656 current doesnt affect whether it would work or not just how long it will work…and besides using more batteries doesnt increase current just increases voltage

  17. Sh0CkWaVe94 says:

    do you recommend this as a first build laser (for my friend) ?
    He has no expiriences with it

  18. haze656 says:

    @greatbuy99c shut up troll no ones that stupid

  19. greatbuy99c says:

    @haze656 according to the comments on your channel…you are a troll

  20. nicco905 says:

    0.0 tried the whole thing alot of times many failings but youst with some changes it worked!!!

  21. chins4tw says:

    my chinchilla was sleeping then when the ballon poped he like jumped off the ceiling of his cage

  22. haze656 says:

    9 volt works fine thats what im using

  23. zrczrcz says:

    @legend4ever0 6V is sufficient and a 9V is too weak because the AAs have more amperage. If you look at a C or D battery they are 1.5V also, but a lot more mA

  24. TheConnerwb says:

    next time, don’t talk so loud.

  25. realflow100 says:

    wtf at the end?