DIY: Hack a Dead Computer into a Burning Laser!

This video shows you how to hack a broken computer into a burning laser for just a few bucks! With this simple tutorial, you can use that old computer that is collecting dust for something fun. This setup will give you around 250mW. Wear goggles when using this laser! Parts links: Aixiz module: LPC-815 sled (if no/weak DVD burner): GOGGLES: Some extra tips: *Make sure you legally dispose of the computer when you are done! *Drilling the heatsink can be a pain. A drill press would best best, but I just used a hand drill. I started with small bits and changed bits gradually until I got to 1/2″. This is the best way to go about drilling the heatsink. *If you have an open can laser diode, take care not to let dust get inside of the diode! *If you don’t want to build a driver, just make the module found in this video and hook that up to the power supply.

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25 Responses to DIY: Hack a Dead Computer into a Burning Laser!

  1. bobaethan says:

    Awe I thought you were going to use the chain saw

  2. TheSuperhack3r says:

    @TheDantepower to cool down the laser diode, the laser diode + heat, do not go together. It will break the diode if a lot of heat is produced.

  3. keyblade95live says:

    I’ve done all as you in your video, but the laser insn’t focalize. How can I do?

  4. DarkMatter93 says:

    Instead of using the +5V (red) wire, is it a better idea to use the Power Good wire (gray) witch also supplies it with 5V. I’m thinking that using this will reduce the voltage swing since it powers on when the ps is ready after turning on.

  5. ctonotorequal says:

    OMG how could you not die @ 3:28 ?

  6. sssmmh25 says:

    2:30 ummm frankly there are a lot ob black wires it would be helpful if you could be more specific.

  7. sevrasarusrex7 says:

    could you go over the psu and the heat sink with the driver….just pan over it…this is my first time building a laser…and i just want to make sure u dont connect and tie all of the green and black wires together.

  8. TheFabuloFetusFinder says:

    what if you have more than 1 psu lying around, could you combine them to form a stronger laser?

  9. tannorboi says:

    What you dont see is the drywall burning.

  10. crislagatta says:

    Did you touch the laser at 3:29?

  11. SecondCocacola says:

    @goninanbl00d dumbass

  12. goninanbl00d says:

    @Secondcocacola Whoever piled sand into your cunt today?

    Go get of your fucking ass and do something fucking useful, for once.

  13. thefireisfun123 says:

    does the laser hurt your eyes just by looking in the general direction of it, or does it only hurt your eyes if the beam hits your eye?

  14. DrazJung says:

    y don’t try your finger??

  15. nfhslugger says:

    to anyone that was wondering, it does not matter which black wire you connect the green one with on the PSU. All the black wires lead to the same connection. I asked him about this because this had confused me.

  16. axenz1 says:

    Does the laser burn your hand?

  17. jeza4646 says:

    can you just come to my house and to it for me?

  18. bhwollen says:

    so when i strip and tie together the black and green wires. does that mean all of the black and green wires. cuz on my psu i have abt 25 black wires, and one green. Thanks for you help

  19. bhwollen says:

    @nfhslugger thanks i read this right after i asked him too. >_<

  20. nfhslugger says:

    @bhwollen all the black wires are connected to the same thing inside the PSU. It does not matter which black wire the green one is connected to

  21. bhwollen says:

    @nfhslugger thanks. have you ever built a laser with a flexdrive?

  22. nfhslugger says:

    @bhwollen No, I have not. This is the first time I’ve attempted to build a laser and I haven’t finished it yet. What exactly is a flexdrive?

  23. bhwollen says:

    @nfhslugger its in his other video for the handheld laser 1000mw.

  24. guily6669 says:

    Don’t U have the same result if U use 2xAA batteries without any resistor????

  25. haze656 says:

    @guily6669 no dont use kipkays flashlight hack does 2 aa batteries well supply it butt you want the resistor and lm317 to supply a constant flow of energy