Components in my DIY burning laser assembly

A look inside my DIY homemade burning laser assembly (with commentary). I put everything together from scratch thanks to help from the guys at LPF. Sony 16x DVD Writer Laser Diode used with AixiZ Laser Module.

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26 Responses to Components in my DIY burning laser assembly

  1. UltraViolence14 says:

    can u use the driver circuit that came with the axiz laser housing ?

  2. happyguy82 says:

    no. that won’t provide enough power. the standard AixiZ module powers a 5mW diode. These diodes consume several hundred mW

  3. happyguy82 says:

    eng IS my first language and just for the record I live in England and this is where I filmed this video.

  4. UltraViolence14 says:

    oh will it still work at all tho or is there no point ? because i want to put it in a maglight and is it better to use the axiz drvier than using none at all? thanks

  5. happyguy82 says:

    weird, youtube won’t let me post my other comment. anyway I was saying this driver is WAY OUTDATED. the new ones are so small they’ll fit in the standard axiz module itself. I was trying to post the links to them here. I’ll try again. these new drivers will power red, infra red or blu-ray burning diodes with no problem.

  6. happyguy82 says:

    youtube won’t let me post web links here but for the first, do a Google on “rkcstr Micro-Drive and laser diode electronics” and that’ll probably bring up the sales page as the first result.

  7. happyguy82 says:

    the second driver that I’d recommend is this… do a Google on “micro flex drive v4″ and you’ll probably get it as the 1st result.

    These 2 will fit in the axiz module :)

  8. UltraViolence14 says:

    ok thanks for that i will look them up

  9. shalloban says:

    u sound like an asian =D…or a thai Lols.. anw..nice laser u got there =D..i love xP…

  10. happyguy82 says:

    check out my new vids. I’m building a blu-ray one right now :)

  11. erencexor says:

    DIY ; Laser paper burning
    black written printer ! :) :D

  12. masterixpl says:

    can u send me the electrical diagram?

  13. ryanzkwl says:

    How big would the axiz housing have to be in nm for a LOC-518 dvd burner laser?

  14. Kromius99 says:

    i cant open the laser housing i bought how do i open it

  15. stevenchiverton says:

    useing the address to see the circiut schematics for this lazer power supply was a dead link so how can we find it any better

  16. boxmour1 says:

    is it so hard to get the housing glued straight? or is that what happens in china?

  17. happyguy82 says:

    @boxmour1 I’m not sure how it’s done in China as I reside in England. The reason for the slant of the mounting is the diameter of the hole was too large and I didn’t really put my heart into this project because I wanted to get it working more as a proof of concept rather than a usable tool.

  18. boxmour1 says:

    @happyguy82 dw bout it im not serious bout u living in china. u do heaps of awsome projects..keep up the good work…jus a lil crooked thats all lol

  19. rat1a1tat1tat says:

    why do you need 12v for this? ive got a laser thats 6v and making one thats 3 :)

  20. happyguy82 says:

    @rat1a1tat1tat hahahaha I know… but this PSU driver was a very old design.

  21. matyus111 says:

    what driver did u use? is there one in the aixiz focous module?

  22. happyguy82 says:

    @matyus111 Ohh I used a very early driver from Daedal. You can access his website at daedallaers to buy them. Yes there is one in the AixiZ module but it would only be powerful enough for the small laser pointer diodes, not the ones that are capable of burning.

  23. FPSBass says:

    I love that Indian accent :D hilarious!
    “which are a liddle longer dhan dhis” :D no offense of course… :)

  24. elitehaxor2007 says:

    @happyguy82 did you have to remove the original driver ?

  25. happyguy82 says:

    @elitehaxor2007 The diode doesn’t come with a driver. The aixiz module may cone with a low power diode and driver. Both need to be thrown out.

  26. matt says:

    how do you find the right size aixiz module for a diode and can you use any driver for it or do you have to have a specific one