Changing a normal laser pointer into a burning laser?

I have an Apollo laser pointer and I was wondering if anyone knows what I have to do to make it into a burning laser. I know it can be done I just want to know how to do it.

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3 Responses to Changing a normal laser pointer into a burning laser?

  1. Vincent G says:

    The crystal rating is what determines the power of the laser. Try to get more power though it, and it will not lase more powerfully, you’ll just ruin your laser.

    The crystals are rated for their power capability; the ones capable of handling 150 mW will end up in lasers rated for 150 mW. If your laser is a 50 mW, that is because this is all the crystal can handle.

  2. genericman1998 says:

    While I have my doubts about whether this is possible, I would try sending the beam through a lens with a very short focal length of between 3 and 10 mm (1/8" to 0.4"). The lens will bring the beam to a focus, where you could try placing a piece of black construction paper.

    The lens concentrates the laser’s power into a small area at the lens’s focus. The black paper will absorb more power than white paper, and be more likely to burn.

    If you don’t have a lens with this short a focal length, you could try whatever magnifying glass you have lying around. Again, I have my doubts but that is what I would try if I wanted to see if it’s possible.

    Good luck.

  3. ozzy4president51 says:

    I know there was a video on youtube to tell you how to do this. Here i found it…