60 Watt IR Laser Diode Does Some Burning

A 60W 808nm IR diode based laser is used to burn through countertop material, tin can lids, and other materials.

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25 Responses to 60 Watt IR Laser Diode Does Some Burning

  1. PhxSt0rmz says:

    Cool laser :)

  2. TAz69x says:

    How much would all of the equipment cost for a beginner, from naught to diode/everything else needed?

  3. Scoutboe says:

    That’s a bad-ass laser you got there! Got any safety measures?

  4. BCPCX says:

    It’s human eye visible? I know that human eye can’t see a IR light of a LED, but its visible when its this powerful?

  5. randomvideowatcher says:

    Talk about smoking a lid….LOL

  6. JDRfilms103 says:


  7. RCguyhobby says:


  8. dtiydr says:

    @BCPCX if i had a 60W laserdiod i sure as hell would try looking without safetygoggles no matter what, one stray beam and your blind for sure. But yes you could see IR depending on what wavelength but it would be very dim.

  9. BCPCX says:

    @dtiydr hm got it. I was imagining how people could burn another people without the people know from where is it coming haha

  10. wicmercfrik says:

    Very cool!

  11. reapa69 says:

    LASERS, clearly the way of the future.

  12. bonjourq says:

    why the laser light does not cut through or burn the lenses u installed but it does burn whatever material u put in front of it ?

  13. Salamence54 says:

    time to die james bond

  14. TheSupergabi9 says:

    2:34 lolololol

  15. FreemanLambda says:

    The future will be Small Arms (or potentially large) firing beams of 6000 watts.

  16. lollator00 says:

    Dear santa….

  17. TheNikk555 says:

    too bad whe stiil cant strap this in the size a rifle or bazooka and uses AAA bateries

  18. zxcvbwolf says:

    :O naughty naughty

  19. togogot0 says:

    is it possible to bunr a mirror with this laser

  20. Philios2Glory1 says:

    60 watts?? you are going to burn a whole in the space time continuum

  21. thejurassicpark says:



  22. OK2BCK says:


    is it a wave or is it a particle, hmm?

  23. GINGERVISION24 says:

    thats pretty cool where did you get that?

  24. link4u94 says:

    !Crazy shitz!

  25. danielparthenis says:

    @TheNikk555 lets wait another 10 years and maybe their will be a way