2011 Wicked Lasers Sith Series – Dual Bladed Laser

Wicked Lasers strikes back with the new Sith Series handheld laser by incorporating two dual blades of scintillating energy into the world’s first double handed laser. Delivering twice the power, the world’s most powerful handheld laser now shoots backwards too. This is truly the most dangerous and awesome laser we’ve ever created. The double-bladed upgrade to the Spyder 3 was devised by the dark lords at Wicked Lasers after the widespread success of the original Spyder 3 and the legal battle that ensued. At last we will have our revenge. The shaft of the Sith laser is a design leap forward with a Spyder 3 laser on either end locked together by the Spyder interconnector. Two blades of laser energy means double the power and double the possibilities. Product Features: High powered handheld laser features a second beam of intense power. Use individually to fire a laser that reaches beyond the stars or connect them for a bipolar beam. Use separately or secure each 1W Spyder 3 together via the Spyder interconnector to operate as a double bladed laser. Dual Smartswitch safety technology prevents unauthorized access. www.wickedlasers.com Music: What We Are (Instrumental) – Potluck Feat. Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kaliko

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25 Responses to 2011 Wicked Lasers Sith Series – Dual Bladed Laser

  1. braddums says:

    wicked lasers always make their stuff more and more expensive

  2. ferd9191 says:

    this is stupid and just plan dangerous!

  3. chaidez5 says:

    why though?

  4. chunkofice says:

    Got to admit that is so bad ass, but so completely useless

  5. yypacman says:

    @TapOutBass It was just sarcasm, it’s stupid that they call them blades because they are referring to a lightsaber. The biggest problem is that they were sued before for the arctic III being called a lightsaber.

  6. vip900000 says:

    امراً غريب …

    ما هذا الليزر ؟

  7. ShyRobot says:

    I want to fucking slap Wicked Lasers.

  8. YouthFreedomFighters says:

    @ferd9191 You’re stupid!

  9. ferd9191 says:

    @YouthFreedomFighters so are you going to dish out >700$ for basically 2 lasers that produce less than the 1W they are advertised as, and stick em together so that you can be careless while playing around it. I have a custom made 1.2W handheld, and just the dot itself on a wall is enough to hurt your eyes. if the beam or even a reflection touches your eyes, say goodbye to your vision! Thus why having two back to back is just plan dangerous for both user and others around.

  10. ccmoorman30 says:


  11. aquasure77 says:

    ripping off star wars much????

  12. TapOutBass says:

    @ferd9191 If you think about it, there is really NO practical purpose for this whatsoever.

  13. burritomaker69 says:

    forget all the haters this thing is worth it if youre a star wars fan…

  14. ParticalMahn says:

    I think wicked lasers wants to get sued. This is the second reference to StarWars they have made. The artic and now this.

  15. jackman00110101 says:

    before they made this dumb thing they should have offered the arctic III in more colors

  16. Lazereer says:

    Whats the name of the song

  17. meattube4u33 says:

    This is so hella fucking stupid, its just an accident waiting to happen, what the hell is wl thinking? DUMB DUMB DUMB wl is gonna end up killing the laser hobby with fool garbage like this, some fucktard is gonna be twirling this abortion around when they blind thier little brother or sister for life when they walk in on darth moron playing leader of the band with a double ended hand held blinding weapon, and thats what the da will be calling it when the accidents start happening. BOYCOTT wl !!!

  18. TapOutBass says:

    It’s been removed on the WL website!

  19. kattemjau says:


  20. jguerrerocortez says:


  21. MrFallout396 says:

    @TapOutBass yeah man, whats up with that?

  22. TheWingedGamerS000 says:

    @TapOutBass yay!

  23. SilverBazooka10 says:

    Son of a bitch I want one of these soooooo bad. Or i could just buy 2 Artic S3s and make somthing so i can put them together =D

  24. DevilMaster says:

    LAWLZ George Lucas totally buttfucked Wicked Lasers for this!

  25. SithBerserker1488 says:

    That CANT be the Sith Series, lasers are blue, there’s no way a Sith would ever use it!!!